Rent a studio

Renting a studio is the most common service that allows the client to record sound on their own in a professional setting. The studio usually rents the space, recording equipment, microphones, cables and other necessary supplies.


Goodman Sound Lab is a recording studio in Vienna offering its clients a full range of recording, mixing and mastering services.

We work with beginners and experienced performers, helping them realize their creative ideas and create a quality musical product.

Vocal recording

Vocal recording is the process of recording a performer's voice using a microphone. It can be using a variety of effects and treatments. The cost of vocal recording depends on several factors including recording time, number of takes and complexity of effects used.


Instrument Recording

We use special microphones and rooms that provide high quality sound. The cost of the service depends on the complexity of the recording, the number of takes and the effects used.


In our studio we can record any musical instrument, from guitar to organ. To do this we use the latest equipment and technology which allows us to achieve the best possible sound quality.

Mixing and mastering are two important steps in the post-production process of sound recording. Mixing involves mixing all the audio tracks recorded during the recording process to create a single piece of music.

Mixing / mastering

Mixing is the process of combining individual tracks into a single composition, and mastering is the final processing of an audio recording that improves its quality and makes it ready for duplication and distribution. The price varies depending on the complexity of the project


Buy finished song for the artist.

In addition, we also offer a custom composition service to meet even the most unique musical needs and ambitions of our clients.


Goodman Sound Lab creates and provides finished compositions in a variety of musical genres for male and female vocals.

Our studio provides music writing services to help bring your musical ideas to life.

Music writing

Our studio provides music writing services to help bring your musical ideas to life.


audiobook | podcast | commercial

Our experienced sound designers and audio engineers work with you to create quality audio productions that meet your requirements and standards. Whether you need a professional recording of an audiobook, an engaging podcast, or a compelling advertisement, we'll give you the tools you need for a successful project.


We provide professional audio content recording and editing services, ensuring high quality audio and speech clarity.

At our studio, we provide production services, providing a complete creative development cycle for artists, from song creation to performing on the big stage. Our experienced producers work on every aspect of your music, from perfecting melodies and lyrics to selecting sounds and instruments.


We are committed to helping you realize your unique musical vision, providing support and direction at every stage of the creative process. You will be able to create music that not only inspires you, but is ready to win the hearts of listeners, taking you to new heights in the music industry.


Music distribution

Our experts know how to prepare your music for release, ensuring high quality sound and compliance with platform standards. We partner with leading music platforms and streaming services to make your music available to millions of listeners.


We provide professional distribution services to help you distribute your music worldwide. We partner with leading music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many others to make your music available to millions of listeners around the world.

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